ANIGAN EvaCup Small (Size 1) 1 Product



  • ECO-Friendly
  • Hygenic Tampon
  • Alternative
  • Always sanatize

EvaCup is considered as one of the best menstrual cups in the market today, and it is made of medical grade silicone with SGS / Intertek / ISO Certification. It's worn internally to collect menstrual flow and manufactured in the USA, as well as it is cheaper than the other leading brands.

It can't be felt and is virtually leakproof if worn correctly. This offers women true freedom from the worries and hassles of disposables.

It can safely be used during all daytime activities and is perfect for overnight. The Eva menstrual cup is reusable and very economical. A great alternative to pads and tampons.

The EvaCup responds to every woman??s desire for comfort, flexibility, safety and affordability.

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