Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Grain Amaranth Flour 18 oz



  • Resealable package
  • Non-GMO verified
  • 100% stone ground and 100% whole grain
  • Mild, distinct sweet, nutty, malt-like flavor
  • Great for gluten free baking
  • Great for flatbread, pancakes and waffles, cookies and more
  • High in the amino acid lysine

Organic Amaranth Flour is gluten free flour with an earthy, nutty flavor and fine texture. It is 100% stone ground and great for gluten free baking when combined with other flours and starches. It is especially high in the amino acid lysine, which is lacking in many grains.

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Amaranth Flour has a mild but distinct, slightly sweet, nutty, earthy, malt-like flavor. It enhances the flavor of baked goods, and it??s very easy to use. Simply substitute it for 25% of your recipe??s wheat flour!

Amaranth seeds get their name from the Greek word for ??immortal,??because the amaranth plant is indestructible! Spanish conquistadores banned the Aztecs from cultivating amaranth grain, but it survived until interest was revived in the 1970s because of their nutritional benefits. These ancient grains contain iron, essential amino acids and dietary fiber. Amaranth oil is also used in skin products due to its humectant properties.

Like many gluten free flours, amaranth flour works well as part of a blend, especially in bread dough. Click the recipes tab, or shop organic amaranth grain to create amaranth porridge and more!

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