Boiron Camilia Teething Relief 30 Doses

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  • Temporarily relieves symptoms of teething*
  • Benzocaine and Preservative-free
  • For babies 1 month and up
  • Help your body the natural way
  • Available in 10 and 30 single oral liquid doses

Camilia Teething ReliefProduct DescriptionBoiron Camilia Teething Relief can be used as a first-line of treatment for baby teething. The tasteless solution is absorbed sublingually without numbing the gums or affecting the gag reflex. The active ingredients act on the different components of the symptomatology to provide quick and safe relief. Camilia combines in one single form active ingredients to relieve immediate pain, irritability and minor digestive disorders. The symptoms of teething are not limited to inflamed and painful gums, but often include restlessness, excessive chewing and digestive disorders.

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