Crystal Light On the Go Drink Mix Peach Mango with Caffeine 10 Packets



  • 90% Fewer Calories Than Leading Beverages
  • This Product 5 Calories; Leading Beverages 70 Calories

Crystal Light On the Go Peach Mango Green Tea The exotic, tempting and fats free Crystal Light On the Go brings a new revitalizing Peach Mango Green Tea, containing only 5 calories and 10mg of Caffeine per servings. Being USA certified, the product is made with precision and advanced formula and quality. It contains strong blend of aromatizing powdered Peach Mango Green Tea that excite your taste buds to urge for more. It is Kosher Certified.Enriched Peach Mango Green Tea with Pure PleasureLiven up your day with the aromatic Peach Mango Green Tea to excite the boring day with enticing tea and keep yourself energetic all day long. The healthy drink contains only 5 calories and 10mg of Caffeine per serving, making it a way too imperative add-on in your daily routine to revitalize your body and nourish your mind. It comes in individual and convenient packaging to be carried easily where ever you go, therefore not missing any chance to forfeit the exotic taste of the tea.

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