Ddrops Booster Liquid Vitamin D3 100 Drops 600 IU 0.09 fl oz

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  • Liquid Vitamin D needed for your child's health and growth
  • It is essential for people who are not exposed to sunlight.
  • 600 IU Per Drop
  • You can use it for 90 days
  • It's not a medicine, it's a dietary supplement.
  • Vitamin D ingredients help kids develop bones and muscles

Ddrops?? Booster

Ddrops?? Booster 600 IU liquid vitamin D3 supplement for children and adults that provides the Institute of Medicine??s Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin D dosage for people from 1 year to 70 years of age. Ddrops?? Booster can be taken in addition to a multivitamin that contains a small amount of vitamin D, and can provide an added boost of vitamin D.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that all children receive a daily vitamin D supplement of 600 IU. Ddrops?? Booster is not intended for use in infants under the age of 12 months, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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