Doctor's Best Enhanced Krill Plus Omega 3s 60 Softgels

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  • Gluten free, non- GMO
  • Supports healthy brain development and function
  • Promote cardiovascular health and proper circulation
  • Omega-3 EPA and DHA linked into phospholipids

What is Doctor??s Best Real Enhanced Krill with DHA & EPA?

Doctor??s Best Enhanced Krill with DHA and EPA is a unique dietary supplement that combines authentic Antarctic krill oil with high-potency fish omega-3 fatty acids. This combination of nutrients supports healthy brain, joint, heart, and other organ functions. The krill oil in this Doctor??s Best product is 100% krill oil from sustainably harvested Antarctic krill. Krill provides omega-3 EPA and DHA linked into phospholipids which are used as the building blocks of cell membranes. The benefits of krill oil are augmented by DHA and EPA, in the form of triglycerides, from fish oil.*

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