Dr. Mercola Lumbrokinase Enzymes 30 Capsules

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  • Supports dissolving and removing fibrins
  • Improves blood flows to tissues by reducing platelet aggregation or blood cell clumping
  • Supports your bodys ability to reduce hardening of your arteries

Lumbrokinase Enzymes are a blend of fibrinolytic enzymes that assist your body in clearing away fibrin, clots and biofilms that can hide bacteria and allow them to escape detection.

Sourced from the Lumbricus rubellus earthworm,our Lumbrokinase Enzymes??/strong> fibrinolytic activity is nearly 30-times stronger than nattokinase and about 300-times stronger than serrapeptase. With their unique built-in balancing mechanism, this blend can both break down and build up fibrin, depending upon your body??s needs.*

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