Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Baby Wash 5.3 fl oz

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  • Safe, gentle liquid calendula castile-based pure soap and Chosen by hospital NICUs
  • Detergent free, non-toxic and made without fragrance chemicals, Triclosan, parabens or harsh sulfates
  • Handy foaming pump bottle, over 300 pumps per 5.3 fl. oz. bottle
  • Formulated by a nurse and herbalist and Naturally vegan

Natural Non-Scents Baby Wash

Gentle Unscented Liquid Soap

Natural Non-Scents Baby Wash is a gentle castile-based liquid soap that??s safe, effective and truly unscented. With soothing calendula for li??l newborns, pregnant mamas ??and everybody in between. Clinically tested, non-irritating and dermatologically reviewed, it??s effective and mild for delicate baby skin and hair, and chosen by hospital NICUs. And no artificial fragrance, Triclosan, phthalates, parabens or sulfates. Because yuck. What IS in it though? Well, aside from boundless amounts of love and goodness, it??s all there on our ingredient panel. Made with organic herbs and oils and no secrets, no surprises.

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