Fidobiotics IMMUNO BOOSTO 5 Powder Packets

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  • Immune Support Supplement
  • With Probiotics, Mushrooms, Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals
  • 20 Billion CFUs Per Powder Stick Pack (Serving)
  • Fido Biotics - Happy Dogs. Inside and Out
  • Scientifically Formulated for Dogs
  • NASC, National Animal Supplement Council - Quality Seal
  • GMO Free & Gluten Free
  • Each Pack Contains 4 Grams of Powder

Every Immuno Boosto stick pack is bursting with 20 billion CFUs of 11 funk-fighting strains of probiotics, plus proprietary blends of 8 mushrooms, 8 herbs, and 4 vitamins and essential minerals. Just sprinkle the paw-lickin'-delicious Chicken Noddle-flavored powder over Fido's food to give his immune system a well-deserved lift.

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