GODIVA Wrapped Assorted Classic Truffles 4.25 oz



  • Godiva's signature chocolate truffle!
  • Assorted chocolate truffle filled with rich, creamy chocolate ganache
  • Each is individually wrapped.
  • It consists of three flavors.
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle, Dark Chocolate Truffle, White Chocolate Truffle
  • It is good for a present.

Reward ypurself with Godiva's rich, indulgant chocolate truffles crafted with smooth, creamy fillings that melt in your mouth. Each truffle is individually wrapped, perfect to share or savor anytime.
A classic assortment of your favorites this trio features Milk Chocolate filled with a delicious milk chocolate filling, Dark Chocolate filled with a luscious dark chocolate filling, and White Chocolate filled with a delightful white chocolate filling.

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