Harney & Sons Blueberry Green 20 Tea Sachets



For Blueberry Green, we've artfully blended green tea with lemongrass, blueberry, and vanilla to create a brew that is sure to hit all the right notes. Delicious hot or iced. Tin of 20 sachets. Each tea sachet brews a 12 oz cup, or small pot of tea. Kosher.

Details:Growing up around here, one of our favorite times was picking blueberries on the slopes of the high hills of Mt. Riga. We were able to capture that delight in this tea.
Dry Leaves:Green leaves with dried blueberries.
Liquor:Pale Yellow
Aroma:The smell of summer and ripe blueberries
Caffeine Level:Caffeinated
Body:This green is light in body
Flavors:Lovely ripe blueberries, just like up on our hills.
Brewing Time:3 minutes
Brewing Temp:175?? F??

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