Harney & Sons Chinese Flower 5 Tea Sachets



  • Green tea, lemon flavor, orange peel, marigold, cornflower, rosebuds. Contains natural flavors.

Details:Our Chinese Flower tea is a joy for the eyes and the palate. A beautiful and aromatic blend of Chun Mee and three types of flower petals, you'll notice accents of citrus flavors
Dry Leaves:A blend of Chun Mee and various flower petals and orange peel.
Liquor:The flowers in this flavored green tea make the liquor a yellowish-brown, similar to a gunpowder tea.
Aroma:A light aroma of flowers and Chun Mee.
Caffeine Level:Caffeinated
Body:This tea has a light body due to the flowers blended into it.
Flavors:The orange peel gives this tea a light citrus flavor while the flower petals give it a floral taste as well.
Brewing Time:3-Feb
Brewing Temp:175??

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