Harney & Sons Yellow & Blue 3 Tea Sachets



  • Chamomile, lavender, cornflowers.

Details:This herbal blend was a mixture of three flowers envisioned about 15 years ago. Although its original goal was to be a beautiful, nice tasting herbal, we discovered that it had great calming properties. Elyse, John Harney's daughter, loves how this tisane calms her down after a very busy day at the office.
Dry Leaves:A bright mixture of yellow chamomile flowers, brilliant blue lavender, and cornflowers.
Liquor:A light greenish-brown, with very slight hints of blue.
Aroma:This blend combines the mellow aroma of chamomile with the flowery aroma of lavender.
Caffeine Level:decaffeinated
Body:light in body
Flavors:A very mellow and smooth herbal, the lavender and chamomile are not overwhelming but are still very prominant.
Brewing Time:5
Brewing Temp:212??

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