Hillhouse Naturals Fresh Linen Sachet 0.6 oz



  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with furniture and clothes
  • You can add it to your vaccum bag

This Hillhouse Naturals Sachet fills your world with evocative fragrance. Fresh Linen Chass?? is a blend of lemon, orange, Bergamot, rose, jasmine and musk.You'll feel like you've been smelled by a soft, dry cloth that's dried in a cool spring breeze.Simply place an unopened sachet in a lingerie drawer or suspend in your closet. Pour a teaspoon into a simmering pot and infuse your home with Hillhouse's natural aromas. Add a teaspoon to your vacuum bag to freshen each room as you vacuum. Place a Hillhouse Sachet behind a bed, sofa pillow or in a floral arrangement for a soft natural fragrance that embraces the entire room. Fill a basket in your bath with Hillhouse Naturals Sachet and delight your guests. Look for our complete line of Hillhouse Naturals Sachets and Potpourris at gift shops and boutiques.

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