HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt 6 oz



  • Kosher Passover Certified
  • Made by 100% onsite solar
  • All Natural, Unrefined, No Additives
  • Hand-Harvested from a Protected Source
  • Contains whole essential trace elements
  • Pristine, unlike sea salt from today's polluted oceans
  • 5% of the profits go to sustainable agriculture, young farmer education, and heirloom seed saving

Salt is essential to life. We carry a replica of Earth's ancient ocean in our blood. HimalaSalt restores this natural alkaline balance, crucial for wellbeing. Hand-harvested and stone ground, its fresh, pure flavor, crystalline structure and gorgeous pink color stems from its naturally high content of essential minerals -- the same ones our bodies are made of, and precisely the ones we require for wellbeing.

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