Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce Honey 19 oz



  • Smooth, Rich mouthwatering BBQ Sauce
  • Made with Real Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
  • Perfectly crafted blend of vinegar, sugar, tomatoes, and spices
  • Great on chicken and beef
  • Perfect for those keeping kosher

Jack Daniels' Honey Barbecue Sauce - This smoky-sweet barbecue sauce is the secret ingredient of serious grill masters. Turning ribs, steak, chicken and more into signature dishes, this barbecue sauce is made with genuine Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and slow-cooked with a touch of real honey for a sweet and savory flavor that brings the tantalizing tastes and aromas of a real cookhouse to your backyard barbecue. Serve it on the side for a delicious dipping sauce or use it as a marinade for meats, fish or vegetables. - Authentic Cookhouse Flavors - Enjoy the rich, smoky-sweet flavor of Jack Daniel's Honey Barbeque Sauce when grilling or serve it up on the side as a deliciously tasty dipping sauce or pre-barbecue marinade.

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