Life Extension Advanced Bio-Curcumin with Ginger & Turmerones 30 Softgels

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  • Up to seven times more absorbable than standard curcumin extracts1
  • Augmented with complementary turmerones and ginger extracts
  • Helps inhibit inflammatory factors in joints and vital organs2-5
  • Provides antioxidant and cardiovascular health benefits5-7
  • Supports immune system and bowel functions8,

Curcumin benefits nearly every organ system, but it's difficult to absorb. So we formulated this curcumin supplement with ultra-absorbable BCM-95?? Bio-Curcumin?? extract, then added turmeric oil compounds called turmerones and ginger extract to enhance curcumin's health benefits and phospholipids to increase its absorption. This makes Advanced Bio-Curcumin?? our Best in Class curcumin product.

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