Life Extension Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 60 Capsules

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  • Supports bone density, cell differentiation, and immune health
  • Provides iodine, a trace mineral essential to healthy thyroid function
  • Helps counteract iodine deficiency in modern healthy diets
  • Shown to increase vitamin D levels with daily use
  • Sea-Iodine??derived from organic sea algae

Your body does synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. However, bad weather, lower light exposure, and sunscreens can inhibit the body??s production of optimal vitamin D levels. And ironically, health-conscious people are often the most likely to develop low iodine levels. So we??ve combined this essential trace-mineral with vitamin D for dual-action health support: Vitamin D3 with Sea-Iodine??

Supports bone health, cellular health, and immune function

Vitamin D has long provided significant support for healthy bone density.1-7 However, scientists have also validated the critical role that vitamin D plays in regulating healthy cell division and differentiation, and its profound effects on human immunity.8-14 These findings link a deficiency of vitamin D to a host of common age-related problems.

Iodine is essential for thyroid health

Iodine is a health-promoting trace element essential for the production of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).15 The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodide from the blood in order to make and release these hormones. Iodine is abundant in sea vegetables and plants. However, in areas where little or no marine foods are eaten, people have lower iodine levels.16

Healthy lifestyles can reduce iodine intake

Commercial salt makers have added iodine to table salt to make up for this potential deficiency. However, we now know the health risks of eating too much table salt. Ironically, it is for this reason that health-conscious people are often the most likely to develop low iodine levels.17

One reason is that athletes and people engaged in heavy physical effort deplete their natural stores of iodine through perspiration. Vegetarians also have a substantially greater likelihood of low levels of iodine than omnivorous individuals, since foods of plant origin are less rich in iodine than animal-derived foods. One study demonstrated iodine deficiency in 25% of vegetarians and an incredible 80% of vegans.18

Ensure healthy amounts of vitamin D and iodine

The organic algae and potassium iodide found in Sea-Iodine??provide you with over 667% of the Recommended Daily Value of iodine. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is only 600 IU. However, most experts in the field now recommend intakes between 1,000??0,000 IU for adults to achieve a serum 25(OH)D level above those indicative of vitamin D deficient levels, at approximately 80 nmol/L or 32 ng/mL.

Life Extension suggests that healthy adults get 5000??000 IU of vitamin D per day. The objective is to achieve an optimal 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level between 50-80 ng/mL. A simple blood test can determine the amount of vitamin D necessary to achieve an optimal level of vitamin D. Ensure you get enough of both these essential nutrients. Try Vitamin D3 with Sea-Iodine??today!

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