Maxim Hygiene Products Ultra Thin Winged Pads Natural Silver MaxION Technology Regular 10 Pads



  • 100% natural cotton absorbent core and cover sheet
  • All Natural Goat Free Cotton
  • Hypo-allergenic, made from natural cotton, for those with sensitive skin

How does this new MaxION technology work? ??Think back to high school science??remember your Periodic table of Elements and the concept of negatively and positively charged particles? Silver is a naturally occurring element that has antibacterial properties and Tourmaline is a naturally occurring gemstone with the said ability to elevate mood, increase energy levels and enhance immune function.

Both Silver and Tourmaline are negatively charged ions. Harmful bacteria causing irritation, dermatitis, skin sensitivies and other ailments are positively charged. These oppositely charged particles attract each other and cancel each other out, creating a natural odor neutralizing system and a neutrally satisfying bacteria free environment that leaves you feeling naturally fresh and odor-free!

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