MediNatura T-Relief Arthritis Pain Relief Tablets 100 Tablets

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  • T-Relief Arthritis Ointment now formulated with organic Aloe, organic Coconut and organic Safflower oils!
  • Empty bottle guarantee
  • Safe for stomach and liver
  • Add on top of other pain medicines to get EXTRA relief
  • Convenient flip-top cap
  • Add T-Relief??Arthritis to usual pain regimen for additional relief
  • Safe to take with other medicines - No known interactions with other medications
  • Reduces the pain that causes lack of mobility
  • No petrolatum

T-Relief Arthritis does not mask the pain, but goes to its source by supporting the body??s self-healing mechanisms. T-Relief Arthritis offer deep safe relief arthritis pain/joint pain and joint stiffness. Unlike other natural pain relievers on the market, T-Relief Arthritis is made with 15 natural pain relievers to provide a broad spectrum of pain relief.

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