Method Dryer Sheets Fresh Air 80 Sheets



  • Refreshing fresh air scent.
  • Size 16.2 cm x 22.8 cm
  • Contains 80 chapters.
  • Prevent static electricity.
  • Soften the fabric.
  • Essential oils
  • Phthalates and no toxic products.
  • Biodegradable products
  • This product has not been tested on animals.

we hate when that happens, too. take control with our new dryer sheets. made from 100% compostable paper, our planet-friendly dryer sheets reduce static and soften your fabrics. plus, they make clothes smell delightful. triple win. you've heard that saying before, when something refreshing just breezed in, and everything's a little bit better because of it? well, this scent is just like that ??a breath of fresh air. the kind you smell. pretty much named itself.

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