Method Kitchen Gel Hand Wash Lemongrass 12 oz



  • It is a hand wash product of the method brand
  • This product helps to remove odors from your kitchen
  • It is a pump type that can be used quickly and easily
  • Aluminum, DMDM, Paraben free
  • This product has not been tested on animals

garlic, onions + fish smell delicious in a dish. but on your hands? not so much. infused with citrus extracts, this naturally derived, non-drying gel hand wash eliminates stubborn smells and leaves hands feeling soft + clean, even after multiple washes. while lemongrass is an essential ingredient in your favorite curry, it is also a close friend of cleanliness. which is why it smells so delightful. in fact, the original iteration of that ??cleanliness is next to godliness??line was actually ??cleanliness is next to lemongrass-iness.??but it wasn??t as catchy. (at least, that??s what we heard).

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