Naturewise Daily Care Time-Release Probiotics 10 Billion CFU 60 Caplets

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  • 30 Strains ??6 Billion CFU
  • Acid Resistant
  • Sustained Release
  • Shelf Stable
  • Includes Clinical Strains for Digestion, Immune Health & Overall Health

Stomach acids can destroy up to 96% of standard probiotics before they every reach the lower GI tract. Our WiseBiotics delivery system ensures that your probiotic caplet survives transit through corrosive gastric acids, but it will continue to deliver a controlled release of live, active cultures over an extended period of time, throughout your large and small intestines, for optimal health. With its unique sustained-release caplet technology, our WiseBiotics??delivery system works smarter than standard probiotic capsules or softgels to protect and deliver 15 times more live cultures to their targeted destination.

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