Naturewise Maximum Care Probiotics Time-Release Probiotics 450 Billion CFU 40 Caplets

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  • Superior Survivability
  • High Diversity Formula
  • Unique Time Release
  • Guaranteed Viable
  • Safe & Natural

Our bodies have evolved to function symbiotically with bacteria. Friendly gut microbes are intricately involved in some of your body??s most important functions, from digestion and metabolism to immunity and even mental health. But our microbial friends weren??t made for these times. Sanitized indoor lifestyles, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and chronic stress can seriously deplete your good bacteria, disrupting your body??s normal functioning and leaving you vulnerable to invasive microorganisms.

Our high potency, a high diversity Maximum Care probiotics formula is designed to help replenish critically depleted gut microbiota for better digestion, immunity, and overall health. It includes 30 clinically-researched strains carefully selected for their health benefits, along with prebiotics to help them thrive.* Our Wisebiotics?? advanced caplet technology gives our probiotics superior survivability, delivering 15x more live, active cultures to the gut than standard probiotic capsules ??making them 15x as effective.

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