Naturewise Womens Care Time-Release Probiotics 6 Billion 40 Caplets

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  • Superior Survivability
  • Designed for Women
  • Unique Time Release
  • Guaranteed Viable
  • Safe & Natural

Good bacteria are plentiful in a healthy urinary, vaginal, and GI tract, where they help to keep pathogenic microorganisms in check. But if those friendly microbes become depleted, opportunistic yeast and bacteria can overpopulate, leading to common health problems such as yeast infections or UTIs. The standard course of treatment is antibiotics, but this often wipes out the helpful bacteria along with the invasive ones.

Our Women??s Care Probiotics is specially formulated to help replenish the good bacteria that proactively support your health and prevent UTIs and candida from occurring. It includes 8 clinically researched probiotic strains with select prebiotics, plus cranberry and D-Mannose to help dislodge invasive bacteria from the bladder and urethra.

Our Wisebiotics?? advanced caplet technology gives our probiotics superior survivability, delivering 15x more live, active cultures to their targeted destination than standard capsule probiotics ??making them 15x more effective.

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