Nellie's Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 fl oz



  • Flush the toilet to wet the bowl area.

  • Squeeze the bottle under the rim.

  • Allow to set for a few minutes.

  • Scrub with toilet brush and flush to rinse.

We all dump gross things down the toilet (pun intended), but the only ??toxic waste??you flush should be from that questionable street burrito you ate. Nellie??s Toilet Bowl Cleaner is made with ingredients that are gentle on the environment, but effective on getting rid of all that stuff you don??t want in there.

Best of all, our Toilet Bowl Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals, chlorine, phosphates, or strong perfumes. It does, however, leave a refreshing, natural lemongrass scent (much better than what??s usually going on in there). This plant-based formula is biodegradable, septic safe, and safe for use if you have pets.

Keep your bathroom fresh, flush after flush!

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