NHV Natural Pet Products NHV Tripsy Pet Dietary Supplement 3.4 oz



  • Support kidney & bladder for pets
  • Soothing aid for flushing kidney stones
  • Healthy support for kidney failure and urinary tract
  • Assists in the maintenance of healthy kidney function
  • Encourages urinary tract health
  • Helps to dissolve urinary crystals
  • Helps reduce inflammation and inhibit infection
  • Suitable for long term use

Tripsy helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, bladder and the pathways between them. There are a number of different conditions which can affect the health of the urinary tract and Tripsy is an excellent support for many of them.

NHV??s Tripsy??is specially formulated to contain gentle and effective herbal remedies that promote healthy kidney function, proper urinary health and soothe painful symptoms associated with kidney problems.

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