Pfizer Centrum Multi Gummies Adult Multivitamin + Antioxidants 90 Gummies

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  • Feed Your Cells with Centrum?? Micronutrients
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH:13 key essential nutrients with 100% DV or more of Vitamins D3, E, B12 and Biotin
  • IMMUNITY:Vitamin D and Antioxidants?? to support immune health
  • PHYSICAL STRESS:Formulated with antioxidants including Beta-Carotene, Vitamins C & E, Selenium, Zinc and Manganese help fight free radicals
  • BRAIN HEALTH:Zinc and B-Vitamins help support normal brain function
  • CELLULAR HEALTH:Vitamins C, E, Zinc & Selenium to defend against free radicals
  • VITALITY:B-Vitamins to support energy and overall well being

Specially formulated for women Great tasting and easy to take with no artificial flavors or sweeteners More Vitamin D3 than any other gummy (1) Supports energy, immunity, metabolism (2) and healthy appearance (5) Gluten free

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