Pfizer Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Omega-3 100 Gummies

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Centrum MultiGummies Multi + Omega-3 Adult Multivitamin is a daily supplement designed to support a healthy body with Omega-3, an important fatty acid for overall health.* Formulated with a combination of 11 key nutrients, Centrum Multi + Omega-3 gummies help support heart, brain and eye health, as well as energy and immunity (1).* Centrum MultiGummies are great-tasting and easy-to-take for daily essential nutrients in addition to a healthy diet. These Centrum gluten-free vitamins have no artificial flavors or sweeteners and come in three natural flavors: strawberry, lemon and orange. Centrum MultiGummies are also available in formulas made for all adults, as well as formulas specifically for men and for women. Help support your body head-to-toe with Centrum, the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand (2)

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