Quinn Popcorn Popcorn Parmesan & Rosemary 7.0 oz



  • No Hydrogenated Oil
  • No Preservatives
  • No Diacetyl
  • No PFOAs
  • No Susceptor

We couldn??t have the parm without the rosemary! We use parmesan, dried & finely chopped rosemary, and sea salt to flavor these Non-GMO kernels. Each box comes with 2 Pure Pop Bags, 2 oil pouches, and 2 seasoning packets. After popping the popcorn*, add the oil & seasoning pouches and shake it up! Enjoy the delicate herb & cheese flavor that mirrors Italian fine dining... only you??re at home??on the couch??in your pajamas.

Older Microwaves: If it says Radar Range then it??s older than me and probably isn??t a great match for Quinn. Surprisingly some do work well though!

Tiny Low Power Microwaves: Our popcorn needs a turntable and enough room to spin!

Fancy Oven Combo Microwaves: Place the bag on top of an upside down plate and voila, perfectly popping!

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