Scivation Xtend Energy Mango Nector 30 Servings 12.3 oz

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  • 7g OF BCAAS - Contains 7g of BCAAs in the nature-designed and research-proven 2:1:1 ratio
  • 125 mg Caffeine and Z??mXR??


If you train hard enough and push far enough, whether it??s after a high-intensity conditioning workout or on the backside of a long and brutal lift, you??ll inevitably find yourself on the brink of exhaustion. You know the scene: you??re doubled over, dripping sweat, praying for the energy to endure one more rep, step, pump, or breath.

XTEND?? Energy is engineered to help you power through these very moments. Unlike other energy-infused aminos, XTEND?? Energy provides a combination of quick-hitting fuel and time-released caffeine to keep you training at your peak for the long haul. Since Z??mXR?? delivers caffeine for up to 6 hours after your first sip, you can count on Xtend?? Energy to work when you do, as hard as you do, for the most enduring workouts.

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