Source Naturals Life Force Multiple 180 Tablets

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  • Life Force is an advanced multiple that works at the cellular level to deliver essential energy and balance to vital metabolic systems and organs.
  • Life Force also contains 23 ingredients that can help you resist the four processes proposed to contribute to aging: oxidative stress, metabolic inflammation, cellular energy loss, and the buildup of toxins and cellular debris.
  • Life Force provides comprehensive support for multiple body systems using significant potencies and advanced nutrient forms. Its superior quality formulation has earned it a top 100% ranking in a scientific analysis of more than 500 multiples.
  • Life Force contains highly active nutrients to support liver function, converting nutrients into their biologically active form, if this does not take place the nutrients in your multiple may be of little to no value.
  • Life Force Green Multiple has the essentials of the original Life Force plus the energizing and protective action of more than 40 green superfoods.

Life Force?? Multiple, the most complete daily formula available, is a scientifically Bio-Aligned Formula?? designed to deliver essential cellular energy and balance to vital systems and organs. For lifelong support to your brain, skin, eyes, immune, circulatory, antioxidant and energy systems, take Life Force.

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