Source Naturals RejuvenZyme 120 Capsules

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  • Supports efficient circulation, and may reduce occassional pain associated with everyday activity
  • May provide a balanced approach to metabolic inflammation, joint and respiratory health, immune support, and antioxidant defense
  • Contain milk
  • Supports five of the dozen deep metabolic systemsidentified by Source Naturals as critical foryour health: Inflammation Response, Circulation,Structure/Mobility, Antioxidant Defense andImmune health
  • Supports healthy tissue repair
  • Supports healthy respiratory function

RejuvenZyme??/strong>, a Bio-Aligned Formula??, contains a comprehensive blend of proteolytic systemic enzymes that benefit the entire body. The enzymes support smooth, efficient circulation of blood and nutrients, and reduce minor, occasional pain associated with everyday activities. They provide a balanced approach to cardiovascular, joint and respiratory health, and support the immune system. Additional phytonutrients and mineral provide the body with antioxidant defense.*

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