Sunfoods Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs 4 oz

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  • Cacao is a super food
  • Never genetically modified or chemically needed
  • NON-GMO, USDA organic certified
  • Sprinkle Cacao Nibs onto yogurt, add to dessert recipes, mix into a trail mix, or blend into smoothies

Sweet Cacao Nibs are a delicious treat for chocolate lovers. They are simply made by crushing cacao beans into small pieces, then lightly coating those nibs with coconut palm sugar. The sweetness balances the naturally bitter taste of cacao, resulting in a purely irresistible snack. Sweet Cacao Nibs are perfect for adding to desserts, snacks, smoothies or anything that needs a little chocolate crunch. Go ahead and eat them by the handful, but be warned: it??s hard to stop!

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