Xlear Kids Spry Baby Banana Brush & Tooth Gel Kit 1 Kit

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  • It is designed to be safe for children to use
  • Contains xylitol to help your dental health
  • Natural children's toothpaste available for babies older than 3 months
  • Promotes oral health by inhibiting bacterial growth in teeth and gums
  • Soft brush heads with silicone formulation without BPA can be used by young children
  • Small brush head fits well into young children's mouths
  • Helps your child grow healthy teeth

Kids and brushing teeth often times don??t mix easily. However, making habits at a young age is supremely important in ensuring good oral health. But the nightly frustration of trying to get your kid to brush his teeth just got easier.

With the Kid??s Baby Banana Brush Kit, your child will get a toothbrush they love and will want to use. You will also receive a tube of tooth gel, which has been specially formulated to be kid-safe but effective.

The Tooth Gel contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that has many oral health benefits. It makes the gel taste great and also promotes good oral health through inhibiting bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums and thriving. Make sure your child has good habits in place the easy way with the Kid??s Baby Banana Brush.

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